Laguna Fon Lashar; The Wanderer

Most Handsome Warlock


Hailing from the Tasharian ‘Bone Sea’ little is known about the enigmatic Wanderer however ghosts from his past have began to crop up reveiling his true name as “Laguna Fon Lashar”.

The few things that Laguna dose divluge about himself dosen’t exacly paint a broad picture however these few things have become clear.

1 – In his youth Laguna may have dabbeled in elemental minipulation and as such maybe sorta kinda Oblitierated a large part of the chaos.

2 – Laugna is a experianced traveler claiming to have visited Mother Carth, Broll’s deep and even places outside of Fallel.

3 – The Wanderer has a unconditional love for coats, the reason why is unknown but he take his passion very seriously taking it upon himslef to create a coat from meterials gathered during the adventure.

4 – known only to rolic, Laguna seems to be paying more of a price that other warlocks and he has met with Gable, a man with deatiled knowlage about warlock pacts as there seems to be a conection between his hand and his powers.

Laguna Fon Lashar; The Wanderer

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