The Dreaming Man

A mysterious being recognised across all the planes, he is known to have appeared before hundreds of people throughout history and is considered to be largely neutral in the affairs of mortals. It is not known whether he is a God, greater Fey, or some other manifestation of power, just that he is immensely old, appears to the viewer in their own image, and always precedes enormous change. It is theorised that he has some tie or alignment to Sehanine, Goddess of the Moon, as he often appears during a solar eclipse. The Dreaming Man appears as an old man, naked except for a simple grey loincloth, tightly bound around him, and long matted grey hair. He is wrinkled and his ribs and knuckles bulge under the skin, which is bear except for his hand and forearms which look as if they have been dipped to the elbow in black ink.

The vast majority of Fallel’s races, and many of those of Fey origin have had some contact with the Dreaming man in their history, often he acts as a guide of sorts. In the history of the Burning Hand tribe it is said a mariner matching this description, and a stranger to the tribe, pointed out that flying fish were a symbol of good luck. The Children of the Sea note that it was the Dreaming Man who led them out of the Feywild and to their new home in Fallel. The Patch, a Teifling nomadic desert tribe of the Bone Sea, record that it was he who revealed how a Primordial might be bound to stone.

After an adventuring party escaped being drawn into a portal to the Elemental Chaos in the form of an enormous whirlpool at the centre of the Abyssal Stretch, he appeared to them on the ship Dawn’s Break. He spoke to them in vague riddles and gifted them with the Loadstone of the Planes, a powerful magical artefact in the shape of a simple round stone with a hole through it, the Loadstone allows the user to identify portal between the planes.
On speaking with the party he said:

“Hello, it has been a long time since I was last here. Things are different now, but I suppose they always seem that way to you, ever-changing. I envy you that, a single perspective I mean; it gives you an unsurpassable drive, and you will need it.
“They are too complex for their own good, each one is like a broken mirror reflecting a thousand different versions of itself. I’m talking about the Gods of course, although the same thing goes for the Primordials too. No, they are more like a great deep well; what you see reflected on the surface is what you want to see, but there’s enough you can’t see to drown any man.
“I’m afraid my time here is short but perhaps we will see each other again. You each have a long way ahead of you and I cannot see your path; not that I’d tell you if I could. One thing is certain, however, sooner or later you will find a need to cross over. To that end I have a gift for you.
“Be seeing you.”

The Dreaming Man

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