Fallel is the campaign setting for a Dungeons & Dragons role playing game.
Fallel refers to the natural world of an expanded universe including traditional representations of the astral sea, elemental chaos, feywild and underdark, and is for the most part made up of a large, well scattered archipelago.

The game takes place amidst the gradual decline of the Empire of Carth after 300 years of relative peace. A series of successively weaker emperors has led to rifts between domains, with powerful families vying for the prosperous inner islands and throne; now held by the boy-emperor Usrel Shant. As the nobles of the wealthy houses resort to bitter in-fighting and a steady arms race, pirate lords have begun to annex outer-lying islands; styling themselves as merchant princes and carving out their own realms free of the old Empires yoke.

The empire was originally made up of countless smaller islands and 7 large kingdoms;
Carth – a pair of islands formally known as Mother Carth and Daughter Carth (often referred to as the whale and the goldfish) the former being roughly crescent shaped and encircling the smaller almost entirely. Mother Carth is large and fertile with a native population of humans and halflings, whereas Daughter Carth’s heavily Dwarfish populace is due to it’s mineral wealth
Tashar – Carth’s greatest rival in both political and military strength, the first emperor Yiff Shant married a great daughter of Tashar, uniting the two before using his combined forces to subjugate the remainder of the archipelago. Human settlements skirt the coast of the arid island famed for it’s learned wizards, while nomadic desert tribes of Teifling roam the inner desert, known locally as the Bone Sea.
Brink – less a real kingdom, more a loose scattering of moderate sized islands making up the most northerly territory of the archipelago. With the sea between islands prone to freezing over, the Brink is a vast hunting ground for the hardy human and half Orc villages scattered across it.
Long Queth – the most easterly and largest of the islands of the Queth region, and home to many humans, halflings and half elves due it’s placement in the migratory routes of the nomadic “Children of the Sea” (or sea elves as they are more commonly referred to)
Teeming isles – a huge swath of hundreds of tiny islands make up a large section of the westerly inner isles of the Carthish Empire, being populated mostly by fisherfolk, merchants and boatbuilders, and made up of a good mix of every race, including the ever-adaptable Genasi.
Broll’s deep – once a simple mining community on the isle of Temper, Broll Brokenhelm discovered vast wealth beneath and crowned himself high-king of the Dwarfs, before submitting to Carthish forces after realising his vast underground city could not support itself without the crop traded by nearby islands
Kisp – a large heavily volcanic island mostly inhabited by Dragonborn and Goliath, with the former making up a ruling class and latter a subservient one. Before the rise of Carth, Kisp had ruled the majority of the southern archipelago, building on the ruins of it’s own predecessor and previous masters

The setting has a nine day week, each day named for one of the major pantheon of Gods worshipped across the Empire:
Pelas, Modras, Erthas, Kordas, Bahamass, Meloras, Corellass, Iounas, Feathras.
General tradition dictates that a small prayer is said to each of the Gods on his or her day, with most people acknowledging a patron deity and observing that as a second day of rest, after Feathras which is revered by all as a day to mourn and remember the dead.

The majority of cultures and civilisations across the Empire adopted the standardised week, however some resisted, particularly those pay little heed to the worship of Gods (tribes devoted to primal or house spirits are one example).
The calendar months of year are widely accepted by all, and observe a similar approach, each one named after one of the Primordials who had a hand in shaping the world:
Asgorist, Grumbarist, Solkarist, Akadist, Kossist, Vezzist, Castonist, Tabrist, Ilmist, Piranist, Nekist, Dendist
There are 12 months to one year, and 3 weeks to each month, one full year is 324 days. The world is flat, and the year is 712 AC (after conquest).


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