Jovial and Deadly


Rollick is a bard and hails from Long Queth, where he plied his trade for many years before setting out among the other islands of the archipelago. He is a tall, lithe figure and likes to finish things with all the flourish of a good performer, he even dresses the part as he prefers bright colours and his scarlet cloak to any other type of garb.

It is clear however that Rollick is much more than a performer, his affinity for stealth attacks and skill with a lockpick indicate he may have had a shadier past than he is willing to divulge with his companions.

He is never seen without his lute, a beautifully handcrafted item that he often refers to as Bianca, the reason why is never clear, sometimes he says she’s reminds him of an ex-wife or lover but never goes further than that.

If he has a weakness then it’s his impatience. Twice he has endangered his party by acting impetuously while they debated the next course of action, this included the murder of a Halfling maid something that Wanderer constantly reminds him of.

Perhaps because of this Rollick does not trust the strange warlock. He has secretly followed him several times and has observed him in shady deals with a man named Gable. He has seen the Wanderer trade for information about Warlock pacts and after the elementals on High Roost reacted with hostility to Wanderers presence followed by the subsequent revelation that he did something to the Elemental Chaos he is convinced that this Wanderer is something far greater, and terrible, than anyone realises.


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