The Breaking of Carth

On High Roost - Part 2

The source of the trouble on High Roost is discovered

Following Rollick’s attack on the 5 elemental creatures guarding the obsidian tower at the centre of what was once Hight Roost, the party is drawn into a conflict. Once this is resolved Wanderer lengthily chastises Rollick for his reckless approach whilst the rest of the party attempt to uncover some way to enter the tower. After discovering the structure is hollow and appears to be resonating heat from within, the party begins to break away layer after layer of black glass, first by Snorri charging headlong into it, then by use of climbing pitons and a hammer, and finally by Wanderer conjuring up an extreme cold using his hexblade.

When the wall shatters it reveals a large cavernous interior startlingly hot and lit by pools of molten magma burning and boiling furiously around a central plinth holding a shallow bowl filled with a mercury-like liquid gently smoking. As soon as the party make their way in they are confronted by a huge gelatinous mass of shifting and squirming red liquid, multiple mouths constantly form and re-form on it’s surface as it howls at the party, addressing Wanderer in common as Laguna Fon Lashar, and again accusing him of freeing the Void Maw (Mantarok) from his prison on Tashar. It wastes no time in attacking the party, throwing clouds of sulphurous smoke over them and bursts of fire amongst them, both Rollick and Snorri are rendered unconscious during the fight until Terra is able to finish it with a killing blow with her trusty throwing hammer. As the creature dies, the smaller liquid magma elementals loose their form and all appear to be pulled through the crack at the base of the plinth.


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