The Breaking of Carth

On High Roost

The party investigate the elemental presence on High Roost

As directed by Maui, chieftain of the Burning Hand Tribe, the party finish up business on Tea Tree and board Dawn’s Break to head for High Roost – a series of small islands in the Mahuika Region off the West coast of Kisp.

On arrival they discover the islands have been joined with molten magma, cooling to form a large flat disk of land surrounded by a high wall of obsidian shards with a tower-like structure in the centre. One entrance is discovered in the North-Easterly shore, where the wall is currently undergoing construction by 3 elemental constructs with stoney skin and a molten core.

When the party, led by Wanderer approach the elementals with the aim of speaking with them, the creatures respond that they are not welcome here. Speaking in primordial, they accuse Wanderer of freeing a primordial known as Mantarok and causing “untold destruction in the Elemental Chaos”, and insist he should leave this new haven of theirs immediately.

Determined to carry out Maui’s instructions the party attempt to reach a diplomatic understanding but are unsuccessful and a short skirmish ensues, in which 3 more elementals show themselves and join the fray. After dispatching these enemies the party heads in-land to investigate the source of this infestation: a small portal between the natural world and the elemental chaos located underneath the central tower discovered using the peep stone gifted to the party by the Dreaming Man.

After a short (and rather eventful) trek towards the tower the party find themselves in a small forest of crystalline formations surrounding the tower, now revealed to be several enormous shards of obsidian jutting out the ground almost vertically to form a round, pyramid-like construction roughly 100 feet hight and 50 feet at the base. The structure appears to be under-guard by 5 humanoid creatures, themselves build from obsidian, with 5 feet long shards for arms. While the party discuss the best way to deal with this new threat, Rollick circles around and fires his bow at the creatures, provoking them to attack…


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